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How do I schedule an in-home consultation and how much does it cost?

Call us today to schedule your free in-home consultation. During this appointment we will discuss your project details and gather all necessary information and measurements to provide you with an estimate.

Is it highly important to hire a licensed and insured contractor?

Most defiantly; not only do you chance getting inferior work but also risk the liability towards yourself and your insurance company. If a worker is injured at your home or if the worker is not injured but knows how to abuse the insurance laws they can take advantage of you and your home's insurance company causing more trouble than the "Savings" of the project cost.

How do I request WBC's legal documentation and what information do you provide?

We make this process quick and easy. You can request all of our legal documentation by calling us today.

We will provide our W-9, Lee & Collier County Licenses, Worker's Compensation, General Liability, Umbrella Coverage and Automobile Coverage Insurance Certifications. We understand all projects are different and there may be specific documents that are required for your project, we accommodate most all specially requested documents if given an appropriate request time. If you have questions regarding these documents don't hesitate to ask!


Is a deposit required to begin my project?

Yes, a deposit and a signed estimate will be required before beginning the project. Each project is different in many aspects and your Project Coordinator will be able to explain all the details relevant to the deposit and project process related directly to your project.

How early can you begin my project?

Usually our schedule can accommodate projects fairly quickly but season plays a large role in our schedule. Give us a call today to discuss availability. 


What is the usual time frame to complete a project?

Size and complexity play a large role in each individual project and its time span, after receiving your free estimate discuss your projects time frame with our Project Coordinator. 



What makes WBC stand out from other carpenters in the area?

Our staff and business ethics. With all of our staff having the prior construction knowledge they are able to confidently overcome obstacles that pop-up during the process.


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