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On average a home renovation project can take anywhere from six to twelve months to complete while including around 15,000 decisions starting long before demolish day and a while after the last coat of paint is applied. Sometimes it’s a wise decision to hire a professional to assist and guide you through some of those decisions.

We are family-owned and operated proudly having six generations of Naples natives. While having all of our experience located in Collier and Lee Counties. Now we are proud to offer Home Renovation Consulting to assist all of our fellow resident’s with their home renovation process. 

Our Home Renovation Consulting services are tailored to each individual project and customer. If you’re interested in a Home Renovation Consultant for your project the first step would be to schedule an at-home-consultation with us. During this consultation we will walk through and discuss your plans, your current project schedule and discuss what options we can offer to best assist you.

Even though all our consulting packages vary by customer here are a few items that we can take care of for you so you can spend that time on the more important decisions.

  • Travel and review your project.

  • Check list of jobsite preparations before, during and after project.

  • Take pictures of the project status and supply to owner.

  • Provide suggestions to owner based on their vision of the completion.

  • Provide suggestions of subcontractors and material suppliers.

  • Attend subcontractor/homeowner meetings for initial walk-through.

  • Provide professional opinions regarding subcontractor’s estimates.

  • Be at property to unlock/property before and after subcontractor’s access.

  • Attend inspection/homeowner meetings.

  • Provide suggestions to project schedule.

  • Assistant in suggestions to keep your renovation approved by Florida code.

  • Reviewing architectural and engineering plans.

  • Review and suggestions for budgeting.

  • Ensuring your vendors and your project are always working towards the ultimate goal verses getting sidetracked, off plan and off budget.

Let’s get your project moving forward. Give us a call to schedule your at-home-consultation today.

Are you interested in our Home Renovation Consulting Services?

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